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It’s essential for B2B businesses to focus on their customers’ needs and find ways to integrate them into the products and services they provide.

Empathy and understanding

The best place to start is by ensuring that the teams building the products and services have a deep understanding of the challenges their customers face. An important part of that, is having relevant industry knowledge.

OASES has a huge level of collective aviation experience, even experience that branches beyond the specific areas of the industry serviced by the OASES software suite.

Paul, Group Managing Director

Paul has many years of experience within aviation, including several years at SITA.

Andrew, Head of Product Management

Andrew has years of experience in many roles at SITA and Cirium.

Obi, Operations Director

Obi has 25 years of experience in the aviation industry with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and more.

Saidhar Pathigari
Saidhar, Head of Commercial

Saidhar started his career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and spent 9 years at Rusada.

Iulia, Head of Delivery and Implementation

Our implementation team, led by Iulia, have years of experience in aircraft maintenance.

As well as these industry experts, OASES also employs countless experts in a variety of other relevant fields, including:

  • Customer Success
  • Business Development
  • IT Systems and Infrastructure
  • Learning and Development
  • Research and Development
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support

Gathering feedback…

We are constantly watching industry trends and looking to implement the latest technologies and, while it’s our job to see ahead and plan for what customers will need before they know it, it’s also crucial we understand our customers existing needs, today.

We have many channels through which we seek feedback from our customers, including NPS surveys, in-the-moment feedback through our OASES Academy networking platform, and through regular interactions with our Customer Success Team. We also have a facility for our customers to suggest or request features be added to the OASES suite.

…and putting it into action

Gathering feedback is only half the task – putting it into practice is also vital, so we regularly share updates from our Product Team on what we’re working on, and when customers can expect the features and enhancements they care about. We do this through our regular customer events and webinars, and we share updates through OASES Academy.

OASES Customer Event in Dubai, 2024

Our approach to software development

For so many reasons, it’s extremely important to ensure the OASES platform works with the latest industry standards and aligns with important trends in the marketplace.


Our solution is cloud based, meaning it can be accessed easily and securely, anywhere our customers need it. It also ensures reliability and redundancy.


While our product is standardised to ensure the greatest compatibility and compliance, we recognise how important it is for our customers to make the software suit their needs. That’s why we offer different interfaces, dashboards and even software integrations – so customers can connect other systems that are integral to their business.


Getting the user experience right is so important, so we focus closely on ensuring OASES is easy to use and cleanly designed. In fact, in Release 11, which debuted in 2024, we overhauled the entire OASES UI to make it cleaner and easier to get around. We also added new ways to connect, adding more convenience and security.

Support, beyond the 9-5.

Aviation is not restricted to typical working hours, and more-so than in most industries, the system working as expected is important whether it’s 3pm or 3am. That’s why we provide support throughout the day when our customers need it.

However, we also work hard to reduce the amount of time customers need to spend on support requests in the first place. We do this by providing many resources that allow our customers to find answers on their terms, quickly. These include:

  • The option to ask a question on OASES Academy. Then, one of the hundreds of aviation professionals, or a member of the OASES team will help them find an answer.
  • An AI chatbot, that can answer simple questions and direct customers to more in-depth resources.
  • Comprehensive courses, covering the OASES product. After all, the more knowledge our customers have, the more they’ll be able to resolve issues themselves.
  • Easy-to-understand FAQs.


Compliance, cybersecurity and the latest technologies are essential, so it’s vital that our product works in a consistent way, off-the-shelf. At the same time, our customers are our lifeblood, and we do everything we can to make the OASES software, and supportive services, everything they need for their business.

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New Software Launch

We are excited to launch Release 11 – a significant upgrade to the OASES software suite.