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Both networking and continuous learning are vital in the aviation sector, helping companies stay ahead and get maximum utility out of the mission-critical software they use each day. 

That’s why we developed OASES Academy, our powerful networking and learning platform that helps your staff use our products to their full potential, as well as share and discover best practises.

Read on to learn exactly what you can expect from our latest offering.  

How Does Continuous Learning Benefit Aviation Professionals?

The industry is frequently influenced by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and evolving best practices. Those responsible for operating aviation software need to stay on top of such changes, from simple feature updates to enhanced best practises to understanding how new regulations affect their day to day tasks.

Dedicated learning and networking platforms make this accessible, helping your teams become more effective in their roles, and contributing to the overall safety, efficiency, and compliance of operations. 

Also, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to powerful, comprehensive solutions like ours. While your staff may quickly get to grips with the fundamentals of any platform, OASES Academy helps them to become experts. 

Even if they’re already long-term employees, there’s likely a few tricks they’ve missed (or maybe they would benefit from refresher training). 

The Basic Plan: Networking and Learning Tools

Available to all our customers, the Basic Plan includes a suite of networking tools designed to foster connections and collaboration amongst users. Users can also:

  • Participate in expert-led webinars
  • Ask questions directly to product experts 
  • View the release notes
  • Access FAQs to enhance their understanding of common challenges
  • Ask our AI chatbot for help
  • And more

Essentially, the Academy is like a social network with industry and product experts available to answer your most pressing questions. With many knowledgeable professionals on the platform, you can rest assured you’ll quickly get an accurate answer.

This level of access ensures that all users can benefit from and contribute to the community’s collective knowledge.

Basic access also includes the following free courses:

  • Academy 101 – an introductory course, which ensures new members are aware of everything the platform has to offer.
  • OASES Basics – a high level overview of the OASES platform.
  • Manager training – extra information for people leaders, that will help them ensure their team get the most out of the OASES product.

Comprehensive Subscription Options

OASES Academy is not just a repository of information; it’s an interactive learning environment.

While included with your upgrade to Release 11 or above, it’s also available as a standalone subscription for those that aren’t ready for the latest OASES system just yet.

Our advanced courses go into deep detail on the OASES platform. They have been created either by, or with consultation from, our product experts. These professionals bring with them years of industry experience and a deep understanding of our software, giving learners the opportunity to leverage their invaluable guidance.

Each course covers the ins and outs of a particular section of the product, or a particular process within the product.

Cost-Effective and Self-Paced Learning

The significant advantages of OASES Academy subscriptions over traditional on-site courses include its cost-effectiveness and flexibility – learners can access the material at their own pace, making it easier to fit learning into their busy schedules. 

This self-paced approach also makes it possible to onboard new staff comprehensively at any time, eliminating the need to wait for the next training cycle.

Coming Soon

We continually update and expand our course offerings based on user feedback and industry developments, ensuring our content remains relevant and valuable. As such, we recommend you check back often to take advantage of the latest courses and news.

Personalised Recommendations

Choosing the right plan depends on the frequency at which you onboard new staff, the tenure of your team, and your overall L&D objectives – amongst other factors. As a result, we can provide personalised recommendations based on your unique circumstances. 

To fully gauge how OASES Academy can best support your objectives, we encourage you to schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager. This conversation is a great opportunity to discuss your specific needs and how our platform can meet them.

If you’re already an OASES customer and would like to request an invitation, click here.

For any other queries, feel free to reach out to us. We hope you enjoy the Academy and see greater efficiency and competitive advantage as a result!

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