Reimagined Maintenance Control

Accurate maintenance planning is vital for ensuring flight schedules stay on track, yet unexpected disruptions can throw off even the most well-crafted schedule and increase aircraft downtime. 

These disruptions result in dissatisfied passengers and freight customers – and they come at a high price. One study found that across Europe, the US and Australia, the total cost of delays in 2022 was $67.5 billion. Passengers also lost 650 million hours collectively and 30 million overnight hotel stays were required. 

Thankfully, there are ways to enhance your preparedness and flexibility, minimising the part maintenance has to play in such disturbances.

The OASES Maintenance Control module is a robust tool for managing your maintenance operations and enhancing readiness. It gives teams awareness regarding every demand on their services along with absolute control over fulfilling requirements.

In this article, we’ll examine exactly how it achieves the above and briefly review some improvements made in OASES’ latest update, Release 11.

Maintenance Control Module Overview

OASES Maintenance Control is designed with a focus on clarity, simplicity, and comprehensive awareness of maintenance operations. Its intuitive user interface allows maintenance teams to manage and monitor tasks efficiently, providing different views depending on the task at-hand. Overall, it ensures that both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities are handled with precision and minimal disruption.

Flexible Line Maintenance Planning

The Maintenance Control module provides flexible line maintenance planning tools. The system allows users to visualise the current maintenance situation overlaid onto the flight schedule for each aircraft, enabling personnel to seamlessly create work orders and populate them with detailed maintenance activities.

A Graphical Overview

The graphical calendar view is particularly beneficial, giving users the option to adjust the display according to their needs. This calendar integrates updates from the operations system, providing real time status updates to the planned flying schedule. The forecast overlay shows maintenance activities that are not yet scheduled, allowing users to select and display specific types of activities as needed.

Overview of Current Maintenance Situation

The module provides a comprehensive overview of the current maintenance situation for each aircraft. This includes:

Scheduled Work Orders

These are color-coded for easy identification, ensuring that scheduled activities are easily distinguishable from unscheduled ones.

Validation of Scheduled Activities

The system validates scheduled activities to ensure they fall due before the work order start date and time, preventing potential scheduling conflicts.

Overdue Tasks and Forecast Warnings

Users receive notifications for overdue tasks and forecast warnings, allowing them to take timely corrective actions.

Tracking Issued Work Orders

Tracking the status of issued work orders is crucial for maintaining efficiency and continuity. The module contains a button to review any previous work orders that are not yet closed, ensuring that maintenance teams have a clear understanding of outstanding tasks and can follow up as needed.

Locating Maintenance Opportunities for Easy Scheduling

Another standout feature is the module’s ability to locate maintenance opportunities efficiently. The system highlights preferred maintenance facilities by station and provides contact details for available MRO organisations, making it convenient to arrange maintenance work. Users can also create work orders directly in the identified slots, streamlining the entire process.

Assessing Material Disposition

The module excels at materials management, providing easy access to information on material disposition. Users simply click on the maintenance activity, then the material tab; from there, they can view the materials required for each task.

When it comes to creating a work order, they can view existing materials requests and available stock at the planned maintenance location.

This feature ensures that all necessary materials are available and accounted for, minimising delays due to shortages.

Our airline MRO software also features a dedicated Materials Management module which you can learn about here

Adding Maintenance Activities to a Work Order

The system lists forecast maintenance activity details in the order they’re due, grouping activities by work card. In addition, NRCs are created or deleted automatically for carried-forward defects as they are added or removed from a work order. This automation reduces the manual workload and potential for scheduling errors.

Benefits of OASES Maintenance Control


Through its intuitive UI, as well as colour-coding and the effective organisation of information, the system provides a clear view of the line maintenance plan, drawing attention to activities that are unplanned or require attention. Overall, this reduces the chances of oversight, ensuring personnel stay on top of their tasks.


Activities can be added or removed from work orders easily, and planned defect rectification can be easily moved between work orders. This enhances productivity and helps new users get used to the system quickly.


OASES Maintenance Control provides constant task awareness for operational teams, offering real-time visibility of both scheduled and unscheduled tasks. This allows teams to manage the workload concerning routine and urgent tasks without causing upheaval, confusion, or delay.

What’s more, the module’s integration with existing operations systems allows users to identify and react to changes, such as alterations to flight schedules, ensuring teams can make proactive decisions.

The system also displays checklist revisions so users can easily confirm the current status of maintenance tasks.

What’s New in Release 11?

Release 11 of our aviation maintenance software introduces several changes aimed at elevating user experience and operational efficiency. 

A simplified visual approach to planning maintenance activities makes it easier for users to understand and manage their tasks, while the improved management of work orders allows for more effective tracking and completion of activities.

The system now includes enhanced resource planning capabilities and we’ve improved the integration with flight schedules, allowing for better coordination between maintenance and flight operations.

Who Can Benefit from OASES Maintenance Control?

OASES Maintenance Control is versatile, making it suitable for a range of organisations. These include airlines, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul operators, fixed-wing and rotary operators, CAMOs, maintenance control centres, maintenance operational control, and line maintenance control. 

It provides smoother workflows for all relevant staff, from maintenance controllers to short-term planners to defect controllers, and beyond.


Our Maintenance Control module is based on vast aviation expertise, combining clarity, simplicity, and real-time awareness – making it an indispensable tool for maintenance teams throughout the aviation industry.

Users get a clear and comprehensive view of maintenance activities, and – along with its integration with existing systems – it provides the ultimate visibility.

To see exactly how our MRO software can help you maintain operational efficiency, meet safety standards and minimise disruptions, contact us today to request a demo.

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