New Software Launch

We are excited to launch Release 11 – a significant upgrade to the OASES software suite.

What's New in Release 11?

Revolutionised User Experience

Dive into an interface that's not only visually stunning but also intuitively designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Advanced Business Intelligence Tools

Empower your decision-making with cutting-edge tools designed to provide deep insights and analytics,

Enhanced Security and Reliability

With robust security measures and improved reliability, your data is safer than ever, ensuring peace of mind.

Upgraded Functionality

Experience the power of enhanced features that streamline your operations and drive productivity.

Faster login

More Secure

Enhanced UI


OASES is now more convenient and secure,with browser-based support, multi-factor authentication (MFA), SSL/TLS encryption and a strengthened cybersecurity framework, for comprehensive threat protection.

Our new API framework, enabling third­-party software vendors to integrate directly and securely with OASES.

Insights transforms vast amounts of operational data into actionable intelligence. Uncover patterns and trends, supporting data-driven decisions that reduce downtime, cut costs, and pre-empt issues for engineering teams and management alike. Designed for ease of use, its intuitive interface and robust dashboards make advanced data analysis accessible to everyone.

The new Maintenance Control module has a simplified, visual approach to planning maintenance activities. Now, users can manage work orders, assess materials, and plan resources effectively, ensuring a seamless integration with flight schedules, which enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime.

Workflow enables us to create new integrations faster, so customers have more flexibility over which systems they use alongside OASES.

OASES Academy is a learning community for users, industry experts, and the OASES team. Members gain access to exclusive webinars, FAQs, and comprehensive courses, simplifying the training process for new employees and enhancing the skills of current staff.

Release 11

Enhanced access

Release 11 makes the login process more convenient and secure, by enabling users to connect through their web browser.
Release 11 ensures the highest level of security, with MFA, SSL/TLS encryption and an enhanced cybersecurity infrastructure, which provides comprehensive protection against various digital threats.

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