Introducing OASES Knowledge Base

Today we are excited to announce the launch of OASES Knowledge Base, the ultimate resource for all things OASES related.

Initially the new platform will offer articles, product information, instructional videos, updates, webinars and FAQs with added customer interaction and networking in a community environment including:

  • Training content accessible 24/7/365
  • Access to Live Streaming sessions
  • Archive of all webinars and OASES online events
  • A safe environment for content related questions and feedback

We will continue to upload and create insightful content in collaboration with our customers and will be offering:

  • Self-learning online courses
  • Individual product modules
  • Customised material for organisations

OASES Knowledge Base will be accessible for free but will also offer ‘advanced content’ with a pay-as-you-go or subscription model offered to customers.

“We’re looking at diversifying our training offer at OASES to embrace more flexible solutions that allow customers, wherever they are, access to a world-class suite of training content based on their needs.” explained OASES Operations Director, Alessandra Palmer-Tilley, “In addition we believe that by presenting this information in a collaborative, community-based environment we can achieve a much better understanding of our customers’ requirements and as such better improve and evolve our product portfolio.”

OASES Customers that haven’t already received their invitation to access OASES Knowledge Base should contact their Customer Success Manager directly.

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New Software Launch

We are excited to launch Release 11 – a significant upgrade to the OASES software suite.