Taking Flight into Digital Skies: Nimisha Nagarkar’s Passion for Digital Aviation Technology Management

We caught up with OASES bursary award winner, Nimisha Nagarkar as she embarks on an MSc in Aviation Digital Technology Management at Cranfield University.

We wish her all the success in her future studies and an exciting career in aviation!

From a young age, I found myself captivated by the world of aviation. The sight of aircraft soaring through the sky evoked a sense of wonder and curiosity in me. As I explored my interests and educational opportunities, I knew that a career in aviation was my calling. Witnessing the transition of aviation systems from analog to digital further fuelled my fascination. The concept of digitalisation driving advancements in aircraft systems was enthralling, and I was determined to contribute to this exciting field.

As an aviation enthusiast, I pursued a BSc in Science in Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, which exposed me to the core aspects of aviation technology. This experience solidified my passion and determination to excel in the aviation industry.

During my undergraduate studies at Pune Institute of Aviation Technology, I had the opportunity to undertake various field visits, including the Indian Air Force 9BRD (Base Repair Depot) and Air Force Station Lohegaon. These experiences exposed me to the practical aspects of aviation and reinforced my determination to pursue a career in this industry. Additionally, I underwent on-the-job training at MRO Airworks Private Ltd, where I gained insights into the maintenance of commercial aircraft like Airbus A320, Boeing 737, and ATR.

In my final semester, I participated in a group project where we created a demo model of an Aircraft Automatic Parking and Guidance System. By integrating digital concepts into the circuitry connections of infrared sensors and cameras, we developed an innovative system that provided visual and aural guidance to aircraft crew during parking. This project deepened my interest in the digitalization of aviation systems.

My pursuit of specialised courses in digital aviation technology initially proved challenging, but my determination led me to discover the MSc program at Cranfield University. Connecting with current students pursuing the course provided invaluable guidance and inspired me to take the leap towards achieving my dreams.

The bursary from Commsoft OASES to attend Cranfield University is a tremendous boost to my aspirations. The MSc in Digital Aviation Technology Management program aligns perfectly with my interests and aspirations. I believe this course will equip me with the expertise to innovate and implement digital technology in the aerospace industry. My goal is to broaden my perspective from aircraft design to exploring diverse opportunities within the aviation sector. Ultimately, I aim to contribute to the airline industry by developing integrated digital systems that enhance aircraft operations. Moreover, I am eager to be part of groundbreaking research at the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) at Cranfield University.

The MSc program offers several fascinating modules, but two of them really caught my attention: Data-centric systems and Communications and Cybersecurity in Aviation. The transition of aircraft systems to data-centric models, supported by data analytics and machine learning, represents a significant advancement in aviation technology. Additionally, the crucial role of cybersecurity in the avionics ecosystem intrigues me, and I look forward to contributing to this critical aspect of aviation operations.

I envision the MSc program equipping me with advanced skills that will help me to contribute to the aviation, air traffic, air transport, security, defense, and aerospace industries. The knowledge gained will help me drive innovation and lead advancements in digital aviation technology. I particularly care about aviation’s environmental impact on the planet and am committed to promoting sustainability in the industry by advocating for sustainable fuels, emission reduction technologies, quieter engines, and waste reduction strategies.

I am also interested in fostering diversity and inclusion within the aviation industry and believe it is essential for its sustainable growth. I aim to contribute to this cause by raising awareness, supporting education, mentorship, and encouraging collaboration and partnership within the industry.

Throughout my academic journey, I have demonstrated leadership skills and teamwork abilities. Leading a group project and participating in cultural events allowed me to hone these skills, preparing me for a successful career in Digital Aviation Technology Management.

Mentoring and inspiring future aviation enthusiasts is also a privilege I eagerly anticipate. By sharing my passion, experiences, and knowledge, I hope to spark curiosity and empower the next generation of aviation professionals.

As I step into the future of aviation technology, I carry with me a commitment to thrive in this industry. With hard work, dedication, and discipline, I am determined to make a lasting impact on the world of aviation. My long-term aspiration is to lead a digital MRO and contribute significantly to the development of digital aviation worldwide.

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