The Power of People

OASES is a customer-centric, people-focused organisation that thrives due to the strength of its human approach. Far more than just a software company, we focus on the value beyond the technology – the driver of innovation. And that driver is people – both our customers and our team. 

We believe that connecting people is where the true value of software arises. As a result, we actively bring people together and gather customer feedback to fuel our continuous improvement. 

We are where we are today thanks to our customer centricity. We have supported more than 130 customers across six continents – ranging from 3rd party maintainers to leasing companies to charter operators, and more.  OASES continually improves thanks to the active participation of our users, ensuring it is always up to date with the latest industry demands. 

Customer Success

Addressing the need for world-class Customer Success is our priority and we believe in being a reliable, forward thinking partner. That’s why we launched our knowledge base which provides articles, instructional videos, webinars, training modules and more. Not only does it help customers get the best out of our software, it enables them to network as part of our community. 

“We want to go above and beyond with our dedication to our customers’ success.” explained Milena Tudorov, Head of Customer Success & Support at OASES, “That’s why we’re expanding our team in the APAC region, which will enrich our diversity and add value in terms of aviation industry expertise.” 

Customer centricity is now more important than ever in the post-pandemic business climate. Whilst many airlines have been recovering and seeing a new influx of passengers, times are still unpredictable due to the current recession, especially regarding the disruptions to the oil and gas markets. We intend to support our customers as much as possible during these difficult times, doing what we can to help them thrive despite the ongoing challenges. 

We also believe in connecting people during discovery and implementation, bringing teams together from frontline engineers to warehouse staff. This gives everyone absolute visibility of all operations and interventions. 

Customer Support 

We strive to provide exceptional customer support which assures customers that they can trust and rely upon us. As well as our comprehensive maintenance and support package, we offer system tailoring and forward planning. Our focus on providing an environment that is both collaborative and rewarding has proved beneficial for both the employees and the company on the whole. 


Our networking is not confined to online interactions – we host live events and workshops featuring guest speakers, product demonstrations, training, coffee and networking sessions, entertainment, and much more. 

After the pandemic, we were eager to proceed with our Prague event in 2022 with the theme of Delivering Digital MRO. The event was a success and we look forward to meeting our customers at the next one!

Global Operations and Diversity

OASES is based in the UK but we serve customers in more than 55 countries and continue to expand, with offices already in the APAC region. This cultural diversity of our customer base and our team helps us by aggregating unique perspectives and experiences which lead to robust solutions

Women have been highly influential in aviation since the field’s early days. Our team continues that legacy, consisting of many talented women in key positions with a strong background in the industry. 

Investing in Future Talent

“We see OASES’ association with Cranfield as a mutually beneficial relationship across academic, research and innovation activities and hope that we can continue working alongside them for many years to come. Opening up access to the aviation industry to talented people from diverse backgrounds is crucial for ensuring current and future skills needs are met. That’s why initiatives such as this bursary are so vital.”

  • Dr Ip-Shing Fan, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise Systems at Cranfield University. 

This year, we decided to sponsor a half bursary at Cranfield University who will with the intention of supporting a student who would otherwise be unable to enter the field of aviation due to economic difficulties. We look forward to welcoming this student to the OASES team in the near future. 

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