Elevating Customer Success: Navigating the Skies of Excellence in the Aviation Industry 

Airlines are constantly vying for operational excellence and streamlined processes, so the need for effective MRO solutions has never been more pronounced. As such, ensuring unparalleled customer experiences is not just a lofty goal for airline MRO software providers, but a pressing necessity. 

At OASES, we believe that customer success is about more than just ticking the boxes of customer satisfaction. It’s about crafting an all-encompassing journey that not only addresses immediate needs but anticipates future requirements, resulting in a multitude of business advantages.  

We believe in providing personalised, proactive support that results in mutual benefit for all parties. This ultimately has a knock-on effect to the end customers, whether that’s cargo airlines or commercial airlines and their passengers.   

Ensuring the success of every one of our customers is therefore our top priority at OASES, providing safety and reliability to airlines, and a healthy return on investment for every stakeholder involved.  

The Benefits of Customer Success 

For us at OASES, Customer Success is about creating end-to-end positive journeys that result in various business benefits. It’s about customer happiness – not just meeting their basic needs but creating the best experience possible and exceeding expectations.   

Competitive Edge 

In an industry as competitive as aviation, where minor inefficiencies can result in substantial financial losses, MRO software that continually delivers top-tier experiences can be a key differentiator.  

Using customer success to their advantage, our customers can get the most out of our solutions, enhancing their maintenance management processes and elevating the overall MRO ecosystem to new levels of excellence.  

As a result, our customers’ brands become synonymous with reliability and quality, standing out among competitors. 

Customer Feedback Improves Our Software 

We value customer feedback and as such, customers are intricately involved in the software’s evolution. Through our customer success programmes, customer feedback contributes to improving the software and any new features we add, directly improving their own experience, and the experience for the end customer.  

Mutual Growth 

When airlines find an MRO provider they can trust, they are more open to exploring premium services and other add-ons. Providing the best MRO experience through the highest quality software – software that is leveraged to its full potential – ensures the growth of both parties.   

Operational Efficiency 

We address customer pain points head-on, and this often leads to operational improvements such as streamlined processes, better communication and prompt issue resolution. This symbiotic relationship benefits both parties, enhancing our mutual progress.  

Improved Safety and Reliability  

Getting the most from OASES means greater safety standards and easy compliance with continuing airworthiness regulations. By ensuring their staff leave no stone unturned when it comes to system functionality, our customers are equipped to exceed their customers’ expectations while reducing administrative overheads.  

Customer Success Strategies at OASES 

Embracing Technology 

In the spirit of digital transformation, we are continuously investing in new ways to digitise processes, and customer success is no exception. We have introduced self-service platforms such as OASES Academy and the OASES mobile app to help our customers get off to a flying start. These platforms empower airlines, granting them autonomy and efficiency in their operational journey. 

Data Analytics 

Not only do we use data within our software to enhance MRO operations; we also use analytics to improve customer experiences. We collect data on customer behaviour, preferences and pain points which informs decisions that lead to continuous improvement.  

Using Customer Feedback  

A robust NPS process is pivotal in customer success. At OASES, we have established a new process that uses the 4R methodology – Right Customer, Right Question, Right Time, Right Channel.  

The result is a more accurate assessment of customer feedback – and from there, we act upon the insights gained. This continuous feedback-driven refinement ensures that MRO solutions are always in alignment with the evolving needs of our customers.  


The path to customer success demands cross-functional collaboration – something we pride ourselves on at OASES. Departments including marketing, operations, product development, and technical support must work in tandem, ensuring that the journey for customers is as seamless as possible.  

This cross-functional communication ensures all departments have a thorough understanding of the customer journey from different perspectives, furthering our effectiveness.   

Software Customisation 

The OASES core platform and its modules are not all that we offer. When a customer has unique operational processes, we can develop applications that align with their ways of working and integrate with their existing practises.  

Implementation & Training  

Our implementation process ensures your organisation gets the best start with OASES from the very beginning. We analyse your processes and challenges in-depth and conduct rigorous planning to ensure the solution meets your needs as comprehensively as possible, from integrations to security and beyond.  

The most comprehensive system utilisation requires training. We provide post-implementation training so that users are fully confident with the system and the organisation’s transformation through OASES can reach its full potential.  

Technical Support 

As we have explained, customer success at OASES is about far more than simple technical support and customer service. With that said, we want to mention that we provide 24/7 technical support, 365 days per year. If any issues arise, the rapid intervention from one of our experts is guaranteed.  

In addition, our ticketing system is an interactive tool that allows you to monitor the progress of your case. Our team will spring into action when a ticket is submitted and you’ll be kept up to date, never wondering what’s going on and remaining at ease knowing that everything is being taken care of.  

In Closing   

We know that customer needs are ever-evolving and our customer success team is here to ensure that we satisfy our customers now and into the future.  

Our unwavering commitment is made manifest through analysing customer feedback and using the insights to fuel our continuous improvement. The cross-functional collaboration among our departments, combined with bringing in technology to streamline customer success, enhances the delivery of our commitment.  

The result? Our customers gain competitive advantage, better retention of their customers, greater operational efficiency and – most important of all – safer and more reliable MRO operations.  

To book a demo of OASES and discover first-hand how our customers across the world are elevating taking MRO to new levels of efficiency and accuracy, contact us today.  

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