From Chaos to Control: Exploring the Power of OASES MRO Software – Part 2 

Did you know that 56% of CEOs said digital transformation has improved their profits? In fact, aviation organisations derived significant cost benefits during the pandemic by adopting technologies to automate their operations and improve efficiency. 

MRO is no exception when it comes to the benefits of digitisation, and with the vast volumes of data generated by aircraft, there is great scope for process improvement. That’s why, in this two part series, we explore how OASES creates optimal value from your data at the most beneficial time. 

In Part 1 , we went over some of the interconnected modules that make up our solutions. We also look at the OASES Cloud – the thread that ties them all together. 

There’s still a lot more to explore. So, join us to discover how to simplify your commercial management processes and beyond. 

OASES Mobile

OASES Mobile is designed based on the unique MRO needs of fixed wing, rotary and specialist MRO organisations. It allows line engineers and remote stores staff to save time and experience greater productivity; and all parties can share data and collaborate in real-time, no matter where they are located. 

With OASES Mobile on their devices, warehouse staff have easy access to: 

  • Audit creation and execution
  • Barcode and QR code scanning
  • Parts look-up and issue
  • Requisition creation
  • Shipping
  • Stock levels check and issue
  • Warehouse part distribution

Real-time mobile engineers have easy access to all the information they need on the job, thanks to the following:   

  • Book on and off task cards
  • Defect look-up
  • MEL reviews
  • Parts search
  • Stock levels
  • Warehouse part distribution

More OASES Modules

As mentioned, all the modules talk to each other, providing the ultimate streamlined MRO operations. Last time, we looked at the Continuing Airworthiness, Planning, Production, Material Management, and Line Maintenance Modules. Below are the remaining three. 

Commercial Management

This comprehensive module serves as the central, single source of truth for the entire business, enabling seamless coordination, analysis, and reporting across all financial aspects. It offers the following benefits:

  • A unified platform that provides a holistic view of financials, streamlining administrative processes related to invoicing, cross-charging, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Precise tracking and invoicing of all labour and material costs associated with third-party work.
  • Real-time simplification of processes and the ability to analyse financials on the spot, allowing for operational adjustments as necessary.

Key Features

Some highlights of this module include: 

  • Quotations: Quickly generate quotes on a user-defined work package, including labour and materials costs, and any other fixed charges required. But that’s not all – when labour hours are calculated, the system accounts for any history built up for the task using the OASES shop floor data capture system and defect rates for these tasks. This ensures accurate charges, every time.  
  • Labour charges: Both default and tiered labour rates can be set, tiered rates accounting for fluctuations due to weekends, holiday periods, and other variables. Any rates can be over-ridden by an authorised user. 
  • Contract modelling: Created detailed models of contracts with third party organisations to gain the deepest insights and flexibility when dealing with customers. 

The module also provides full control over managing materials, freight and service charges, as well as credit note production. 

Finally, its extensive reporting capabilities provide detailed analysis through the following types of reports: 

  • Invoice value by customer and date range
  • Invoice value by A/C type or registration
  • Margin analysis
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Accrued income
  • Reconciliation of stock movements
  • Accrued cost of sales
  • Actual cost of sales

Warranty Management

If you want to maximise the value of claimable warranties for aircraft and stock parts, this module has you covered. It’s designed to provide an automatic way to identify and claim warranty on all parts that enter stores as unserviceable items.

Instead of getting caught up in administrative tasks, it shifts the focus to analysing and enhancing performance by:

  • Consolidating all warranties into a single screen for easy monitoring, allowing more time for performance analysis and improvement.
  • Generating reports that pinpoint vendors or repair stations with low performance in responding to warranty claims.
  • Implementing automatic tracking of claim status from the moment components are marked as un-serviceable.

The module simplifies your processes in four key areas: 

  • Warranty agreements: The Vendor Management team can define the exact warranty agreements that are in place covering an aircraft, a vendor, a repair station, or a part/serial number. 
  • Warranty administration: Based on the agreements input into the system, warranty orders can be automatically raised – or the case can be referred to the warranty team for a decision. The system identifies instances where more than one warranty term has the potential for a claim; it then flags this so that a warranty controller can decide which claim to make based on the likelihood of success. 
  • Warranty tracking: Users can easily track the progress of claims. The outcome can be entered into the records, providing a full history as well as helpful statistics and insight into claims. 
  • Warranty reporting: The module generates a range of reports on vendors and repair stations. These can be used to target those with a poor track record in order to drive up the number of successful claims. 

Customs Tracking

The Customs Tracking module captures and documents all relevant customs information throughout the entire journey of parts crossing international borders. It enables users to do the following:

  • Track data for incoming and outgoing orders and shipments, providing comprehensive visibility.
  • Establish a strong data audit trail that demonstrates customs compliance, starting from the source to the receipt of goods. 
  • Monitor journey progress between warehouses or to/from a supplier, while ensuring that all necessary customs information is recorded accurately. 
  • View real-time data on a user-friendly dashboard as data is captured at the point the shipment clears customs – no need to wait for the receipt of goods in the warehouse.

In Closing 

Hopefully it’s clear just how far-reaching the benefits are of digitising MRO operations and using all data to its fullest capacity. Cloud based MRO software provides a single source of truth for entire fleets and enables staff to manage the intricacies of MRO operations – down to every last detail. 

To learn more about our solutions or to book a demo, contact us today. 

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