OASES’ recent growth: new teams, new features, new technologies

At OASES, our commitment to meeting customer needs and providing innovative solutions has brought about some expansive changes.  

From a technical perspective, we have included cutting-edge technologies within our product, including Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)– and we’ve introduced several new features. We also have some personnel changes and to announce, as well as progress in our global expansion.  

How Customers Benefit from Our Growth

Our continuous efforts to improve our product yield numerous advantages for our customers.

Increased Productivity with AI 

Thanks to AI, OASES enhances productivity and enables customers to achieve more with fewer staff members. Some areas in which we use AI include maintenance planning and work assignment, which helps in streamlining processes and optimising resource allocation. 

Mobile and Remote Collaboration

Embracing the shift towards mobility and remote work, our product facilitates seamless collaboration through mobile devices and remote collaboration tools. This allows teams to work together efficiently, regardless of their physical location.

Paperless Maintenance Execution

We’re helping customers transition from traditional, paper-based workflows to digital processes. With our software, maintenance execution becomes streamlined, eliminating the need for physical documents and reducing administrative overhead.

Electronic Systems and Cloud First Approach

Our software offers electronic signature capabilities for convenient and secure recordkeeping. Furthermore, our cloud-first approach ensures customers can leverage the benefits of cloud computing, including scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security.

Software Growth

Our mission is to help customers enhance efficiency and profitability. To deliver on thatmission, we develop agile functionalities that drive measurable business value – while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance. 

We also implement continuous improvement, giving customers access to a growing range of innovative features as well as improved performance and user experience. More about our recent developments are below. 

Enhanced Performance

Our modernisation efforts have led to improved software performance, characterised by faster response times, smoother interactions, and reduced downtime for customers. The result? Greater productivity and efficiency. 

Insights: OASES’ New BI Tool

The datasets generated by aircraft and maintenance operations are vast and offer huge potential for profitable insights. That’s why we developed “Insights”, our new Business Intelligence tool that leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Insights comes with data visualisation tools – essential for getting the most out of your data and unlocking discoveries that may have otherwise remained hidden. With its interactive dashboards, users can explore data intuitively and in-depth, and make informed decisions – decisions that provide a competitive edge. 

Expanded Functionality

With “Workflows,” our customers can now enjoy a broader range of integrations with external systems and services. This increased flexibility allows seamless connections within their software ecosystem, leading to more automated and streamlined processes.

Modern User Experience

Through modern UI technology, our development team has created a visually appealing and intuitive user interface with a fresh, modern look, improved navigation and enhanced usability. This brings greater user satisfaction and engagement, enabling our customers to getthe most out of the extensive functionality that OASES has to offer.  

Key Changes to Software Architecture

Recognising the need for a more robust and efficient solution, we have adopted a modern API Gateway. This upgrade enhances security, improves performance, and allows for better scalability.

Organisational Growth

It’s not just our solution that’s growing – we have experienced significant organisational growth and undertaken various strategic initiatives to expand our reach and improve our product offerings. Some key changes are as follows:

• Increased headcount: We have increased our headcount by 42% from 2022 to 2023, with a notable 50% increase in Software Development alone. This investment ensures we have the necessary talent for continuous development and effective customer support. 

• New teams: We have established new teams and hired professionals to enhance our customer engagement and technical capabilities. Developments include our Project Management Office and a new eLearning platform; we’ve also updated our product strategy and brought new Customer Success specialists on board. 

• ModernisationWe have adopted a modernisation strategy that focuses on a cloud-first approach and incorporates state-of-the-art technologies including advanced BI analytics, automated workflow integrations, and AI, as mentioned. We maintain an open minded outlook regarding new technologies, ensuring our product continues to serve customers’ evolving needs. 

• Synergies with established businesses and educational institutions: To further strengthen our approach and validate our vision, we are collaborating with variousorganisations, including Cranfield University and Wing Engineering. These partnerships enable us to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to our solutions.

• Global expansion: We have expanded beyond our UK and European presence, taking on a more global outreach thanks to the backing from Valsoft Corp and Aspire Software. Our Dubai hub and Lebanon hub (upcoming) are some key milestones. 

New Additions to Our Customer Success Team

At OASES, we take an active role in ensuring the success of our customers. As well as our world class support services and knowledge base, our dedicated Customer Success team is there to guide customers every step of the way. For example, the team can systematically work on cloud migration projects with customers, ensuring the highest standards of serviceand smooth-running processes.

The team has recently received two new members – we would like to introduce Coral Gui(another member to add to our list of strong women in aviation) and Syed Jalal. Both new additions are experienced account managers with years of experience in the aviation industry. This expansion allows us to provide enhanced 1-to-1 customer interactions and analyses of their desired outcomes in line with the product roadmap. 


OASES’ expansion is an example of our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Through our continuous software growth, we empower our customers with a widening array of advanced features that are founded on state-of-the-art technologies. 

Our customers benefit from increased productivity and efficiency thanks to AI, data-driven insights from our new BI tool, and a widened scope for integrations, enabling more automated workflows. Further, we help organisations transition to paperless processes, eliminating paper-based inaccuracies and boosting sustainability. 

Our increased headcount and international expansion are promising steps as we head towards a future of even greater possibilities. 

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